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Flesher - an intricate web of lies, love and the walking dead

Flesher (Flesher Series #1) - Emily  Shore

Ok, so I am not usually a zombie fan. Anything that can reanimate itself once it's dead is oober creepy in my books. Having said that, I still found Flesher to be rather intriguing and very complex in its plot and sub-plots.


Fleshers - so called because they desire to eat unblemished human flesh. Not brains as so many other zombie stories have told us, but the flesh itself - can smell unspoilt flesh and flock to areas where humans have barricaded themselves in.




I think the slow moving, dumb zombies have been done to death in Hollywood of late, but Emily made things a little different. I think she's got a good mix of traditional zombie and World War Z zombie. They're called 'runners' and they are scary as all shit! Not all groaning slow masses for these characters, nuh-uh! 



Throw into the mix the fact that what the survivors are doing to themselves and others is far worse than the initial outbreak of zombie-ism, and you have a rather dark and sinister world. 


In saunters Ash (if you call her Ashleigh you might just get a poke in the eye with a sharp stick), the female lead.

And she's one badass zombie fighting machine! She's the Katniss Everdeen of Zombie infested USA, she's the Harry Potter of killing dead things, she's the Sarah Connor of zombies. In short, she's totally awesome.



She's also a little flawed and imperfect, just the way we like our leading ladies. The thing with Ash is, I liked her, I even secretly and not so secretly rooted for her as I was reading, but I wanted to slap that pretty little face raw every time she opened her mouth and started spewing doom and gloom.


I get it, I truly do! But OMG, shut the fuck up every now and then and let other people say some shit. Oh wait, she does... 


For swoon-worthy, yet complicated Garrett. (I don't even really know what he looks like perhaps I missed that memo?!)

The blurb to the book spills the beans on his baggage, but in the mix of all the Dawn of the Dead and World War Z, you get a little bit of Warm Bodies and it melts your heart in a slow, kinda icky way. 


Things for me, got really interesting when we were taken outside of Ash's little town, I simply adored the exploration of her abandoned city and when things started to get a little more complicated the enjoyment level went up too. 


I notice that this is book one in a series. I hope to God that book two is already being written coz I want to know what the hell happens now. 


Pick up Flesher today and go for a zombie infested ride with Ash and Garrett. I don't think you'll be disappointed. 


A few things I noticed:


6% - '...the sixe (size) of my middle...'

'...would they gave though (thought) to preserve...'


7% - '...while he keeps a hand pressed to his (delete his, and add the bitten one) in order to...'


12% - full stop missing at the end of chapter three.


33% - '...is she yourfriend? (space required)'


37% - 'I have (to give) it to Garrett...'


38% - '...I want you to say (stay).'


42% - '...but my knees to (delete to) start to buckle.'


44% - 'I know he (delete he) exactly where to go...'


50% - 'S he (She) urges me, and I see...'


57% - '...from getting to (too) close to the kids.'


73% - '...whisper across (my) cheek on...'


83% - '...not found another too (to) rival the beauty...'