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15 Facial Expressions
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It took me seven days, four bottles of wine, over forty status updates and a whole lot of commiserating and consoling from my friends to get me through this book. I saw a lot of extreme reactions to the quotes I was posting and I couldn't help but wonder about some of the faces my friends were pulling as they read them. Since my fiancé is one of the most animated people I know, and is always willing to be my guinea pig, I figure I'd subject him to the same thing and photograph the results. Enjoy. 

“My legs wobble, and I’m left with the distinct impression this man wants to pound me next. With his cock.

“He just fucked my name right in front of me.”

“Every sexual organ in me is awake and aching.”

How many sexual organs does she have???

“…he keeps making sexual foreplay to my ear…”

“He is unreadable once more, but when he raises his head this time, his eyes are torpedoes of heat.”  

His impression of this:

“I whimper, feeling the coiled tension in his shoulders, the smooth velvet of his chest as he devours me, and at the first scrape of my nubbin against the rock-hard quad muscle of his thigh, I explode.”

Does not like the word nubbin.

“His hands clench on my hip, and my womb clenches with it so much it’s painful and I almost whimper.”

“I’m completely eroticized by his huge fists guiding mine over his slick, long hardness.”

Apparently this is what an eroticized face looks like:

“His butt defies gravity, it is so perfectly tight, round and muscular. Every time I see it in any kind of clothes, I drool about a small ocean.”

“Seizing his hand, I squeeze it in between our bodies so he can feel all of what he smeared me with across my abdomen. “It means I’m going French this week and not showering so I can smell you on me.”

Is French. Is also unimpressed.

“This very moment I want to kiss my Under Armor sports bra almost as much as I want to kiss him.”

“When he slides his sweatpants off, I’m fainting with the sight of ten Remington’s butts...” 

“He uses his arms to fuck me…”

“He smells of fish and pure mean asshole.”

We'd just eaten fish for dinner.

“It’s hard to watch you fight, but to watch you suicide yourself is… I won't do it, Remington!"

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