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DNF @ 56%

Raven - Kimberly Brockman

Here's a preview of why:


A couple of typos and incorrect word choice in first 26%.
26% - mirror scene starts in the morning then turns into Sunday night within minutes.
27% - 'It didn't matter how many time (times)...'
29% - back (black) flecks
33% - ...no one could (be) behind...
I (It) had frightened...
35% - how does one bit the inside of their jaw?!
36% - tinkering laugh. I think you mean tinkling
39% - beside of (del of) him.
40% - four words on the note, only told the reader three
44%- offered and (an) apology...
46%- I pierced (pursed?) my lips together...'
47% - I inhaled a deep breathe (breath)...
Breathe instead of breath.
52% - wave's should be waves