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Necessary Evil but not necessarily the best...

Necessary Evil - Janelle Taylor

This book has so much potential. The premise is amazing and the way I had to keep guessing who the killer was made for a great read. This review is sounding like a 5 star one, hey? Well I am sad to say, it didn't get there for the below reasons:

1. This book has some very graphic content that will horrify, it has, gore and mutilation triggers, rape, physical abuse to women, and quite a lot of swearing.

2. Brace yourself, you're thrown in the deep end with no warning and the first few scenes are pretty graphic.

3. As I read on, the crime and detective work part of the story got better. It shows that Janelle has either watched a hell of a lot of crime TV or she thoroughly researched that part. Where I had issues was with the torture and murder scenes. Each one was almost exactly the same as the last, with the exception of name changes and torture implement they could have been swapped around.

4. Where's the closure? Is there another book? It's left wide open.

Overall, a good book, but not great.