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My review of Fearscape

Fearscape (Horrorscape, #1) - Nenia Campbell
What a ride.

Nenia sure can weave a wicked little tale. I could feel myself being lured into the web just as surely as Val was, each step a calculated move to make her react in the way desired.

So very evil and calculated.

I liked Val, but she was a bit too sweet and innocent for me to really bond with her. I get why she was like that, but it still bothered me a little.

Gavin is an interesting character. So slick and creepy and brilliant. I can totally picture him in my mind, the slightly icy glint in his eyes as he dissects your inner thoughts right before your eyes. 

The villain was a brilliant and down-right scary character, there are so few of them in stories these days, that when you come across a good one (or a decidedly evil one) you kind of savor them like a fine wine. This villain gave me chills and the made me cackle like a witch at how amazingly evil and yet amazingly awesome they are. Well done Nenia! Well done!

I loved the psychological thriller aspect, the mental play and the way Val was toyed with. All very creepy.

Where things fell down just a touch was the editing. Another pass through by an editor would do this justice, missed words, extra words, wrong word choices were sprinkled throughout. Just enough to snag my attention and draw me out of the scene.

If this was fixed, easily a 5 star book. If you are after a creepy psychological nail-biter, pick this one up today.