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Brilliant, mind-blowing crime at its best!

The Enemy Inside - Vanessa Skye

It seems I am on a bit of a crime, mystery, thriller spree at the moment. Totally unintentional, but totally awesome so far.

The Enemy Inside is a brilliant story. It has likable, real and flawed characters. This was probably the best aspect. I loved that there was no Hollywood-ising of them. They had fantastic good qualities and some pretty intense bad ones, it was like reading about real people, not just characters in a book.

Berg (our female lead) was fiercely strong and pigheaded with her police investigations. Yet in the next breath vulnerable and struggling to cope with her inner demons. So realistic.

Her partner Jay, the guy who has screwed every woman in a 10 block radius of the precinct (except berg) was surprisingly easy to like. 

The two made a great team of detectives and forged their way towards solving the grisly murders that kept cropping up as the story progressed.

Again, this book showcased some amazing insights into the forensic detail on a crime scene and the procedural processes for handling a murder.

Where this might put some off, the grisly murders, while not overtly graphic they are discussed in detail. There are some events including sodomy and rape and abuse of women. As well as a quick peek into the D/s lifestyle but only for a little bit.

The ending was great. I had picked up on some of the clues but not all. It was a mind blowing experience to see how the whole thing came together.

If you want to try your hand at a serial killer cop drama, pick up The Enemy Inside today! You won't regret it.