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Broken (The Enemy Inside #2) - ARC review

Broken (The Enemy Inside #2) - Vanessa Skye

The second book in The Enemy Inside series from Vanessa Skye, Broken, leads the reader willingly to the slaughter house only to be rudely shocked when things go awry. And awry they seriously go.

I liked the insights into Berg's thinking this time. The way she thinks and nuts things out really sing to me as a reader as being very realistic. I drew the same comparisons and came to the same conclusions she did with the same information, it meant I was left with a strong sense of camaraderie with her as a character.

I will be honest - the Jay/Berg thing was kinda getting a little annoying towards the end. I wanted to shake them and tell them to buck up and be adults...

My thoughts on the ADA: I hated her and felt that her characterisation was as such that it pigeon-holed me into not liking her. I wondered how the relationship with her could have even begun given how horrible she was, it felt a little too cliche to me, I'd have liked to see her be a little more likeable, at least to the reader so that they feel a little bad for backing Berg. 

So many things that happened in this book were more personal, this made it an entirely different book to read. I liked the level of personal vs professional that was in The Enemy Inside, this time it felt a little like I was reading Berg's diary, which is why this didn't get a 5. 

The crime aspect seemed a little rushed, instead focusing on the emotional reactions Berg had to certain people and events. While I understand that that's important, I felt that it drew the reader away from the crime and procedure of it all and made it into a more Berg-focused story. This isn't a bad thing, but after the amazing results of book 1, I was expecting a little more of that this time around.

One thing that has stood out in both books is the really amazingly evil antagonist/s. I loved how twisted and creepy they are and truly enjoyed the gradual exposure of the level of evil they went to in both books, but even more in Broken. While I don't share the whole drive that pushed the antagonist, I can see something like that happening in real life for certain individuals. It was eerily realistic. Well done Vanessa!

This book can be read alone, but to get a fuller picture of the characters, reading book 1 is definitely recommended! Pick up Vanessa's books today.

I can't comment on editing/typos as I have an ARC which has not been proofed, I imagine given the quality of the first book, that this will be an immaculately presented book when released

I can't wait for the next instalment.