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You don't have to be a tech-geek to understand and enjoy this story...

UnEarthed - Rebecca Bloomer

Going into this one I was thinking aliens were going to attack humans on Mars, that's what I got from the blurb, yet that is not what the tale is about. I think the blurb needs to be rethought to avoid confusion on the readers part and potential lower ratings due to attracting the wrong audience.

I quite enjoyed Jodi's sense of humour and her thought processes. As an IT person, I got quite a bit of a kick from that side of the story. I loved being thrust into the tech side of things.

Rest assured potential readers, you don't have to be a tech-geek to enjoy this story though. You are provided with plenty of information (without geek-ese) so you can understand what is happening.

Our antagonist... Well that was a bit of a surprise. I put things together before Jodi did, but that didn't mean I expected what happened. Woah! Talk about crazy!

I felt that we needed more perpetration before Mars, things were a bit rushed. This meant I was only just getting to know Jodi when all these we characters were thrown in. I wanted more of Jodi and Ellie's relationship too.

I also wanted more from the whole Mars experience. I felt I didn't get a full picture of what Jodi was experiencing. It was almost there, but not quite right...

The writing was fairly plain English and would be easy for most YA readers. There were no typos or problems that I saw and I really like the cover.

NOTE: I got this as an electronic ARC.