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The Palaver Tree provides readers a glimpse into Africa.

The Palaver Tree - Wendy Unsworth

The Palaver Tree provides readers a glimpse into Africa. For those who haven't been, Wendy's detailed and rich descriptions should transport you right there. For those who have spent time there (like me!) it will dredge up memories of the amazing country in full colour and splendor.

I liked the complexity of the deception and the twisted logic of the antagonist. It was all rather cold-hearted and calculating. The kicker in the end, I must admit, did cross my mind at the beginning of the book, but I promptly shelved it when Africa came into play. 

It seems to me that Wendy loves gardening or plants, because the descriptions of all the plant life was quite extensive. I would argue that it was perhaps a little too much? I am not a gardener, so the actual names of all the plants got a little much. I'd have much preferred images to the names. Painting the scene with description rather than names I didn't know and had to look up.

The story began a little like 'the real housewives of rural England' which immediately put me off, but it quickly went past the gossip and moved onto the real story.

There were a few things I noticed:
6% - "...it was what Edith wanted; biodegradable. " closing speech marks are on the next line.
Check speech marking for entire story.

22% - check ' usage around to do list.

50% - "No, but It (it) makes...'

57% - 'But no.; (extra punctuation)...'
Chocker = chockers

87% - 'Two men (took) hold of Marc...'

88% - Ellie is wearing a skirt, but her 'pants' are wet.

**Note: I received an electronic copy of this book in return for an honest review**