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Ooze is quite different to everything else of Tony's I've read

Ooze - Tony Talbot

Ooze is quite different to everything else of Tony's I've read. It is certainly not Young Adult. Having said that though, I didn't find it creepy, the hairs on the back of my neck didn't stand on end, but I was quite interested in the whole

sex equals death thing.

(show spoiler)

I thought that was really intriguing.

The flow of the writing was really nice and I liked the strong characterisation of the landlord of the boarding house. Despite him not really being described in great detail, I could see him, standing there with part of his face gone, his one sightless eye, fluffy old man hair both sticky with filth and yet strangely fluffy. I imagined him stooped and wearing ratty clothes, perhaps those slipper type shoes, causing him to shuffle a little. I also really liked the sensory information that was put into the story, it was really strong.

It was very descriptive writing, way more then Tony usually does, this wasn't a bad thing, but a couple of times I did feel like it got in the way of the imagery just a smidge. The first description of the ooze got a little overwhelming, and also when the landlord 

was taken into the room.

(show spoiler)

It wasn't much, but just a couple of the descriptions seemed a little too much. Perhaps it's just me?!

I think it's so great that Tony is trying out different genres, horror allows for so much freedom to include all the creepy things. The boogeymen, the creatures from under the bed.

I think personally, I'd have liked a little more suggested things, without explicitly describing them, so I could better build a picture in my head... to allow me to build my creepiest version of the ooze as possible. Allowing the reader to put their own spin on the story's evil is a great way to creep the hell out of them, but best of all, they do it to themselves.

Certainly one to try if you like horror or the bizarre and creepy type books. 

**Note: I read an ARC copy so some minor changes may have occurred since my review**