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Suitable for those who prefer the sweet instead of the sizzling romance books.

Ellie's Gentleman - Georgiana Louis

Ellie's Gentleman is a very short historical romance. Within its pages you will find a rather generic recipe for a historical romance story.

There is a handsome, respectable man, while Ellie is a young, stunningly beautiful woman, all virtue and virginal.


Where Ellie's Gentleman deviates from the recipe is that Ellie is not a dim-witted nitwit who giggles inanely at whatever men say. Nor is she a spineless piece of fluff. She knows what she wants and does not give up on that.


The storyline was extremely quick, I would say bordering on insta-love, but in a short story it's going to be quick.


I liked the relationship Ellie had with her dad. It was a nice touch.


Ultimately, I liked this book, but wasn't blown away. It's a little to safe and sweet for my tastes, but would certainly be suitable for those who prefer the sweet instead of the sizzling romance books.


A few things I noticed:

23% - full stop missing at end of chapter.

30% - wasn't it close to raining before?!? At 11%

59% - where were these feeling(s) coming...


**Note: I received an electronic copy of this book in return for an honest review**