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A crime thriller with a twist...

Foresight (Foresight Book 1) - EJ McBride

A crime thriller with a twist, Foresight really did take me on a whirl wind ride.

Clara has always been able to read people, she's turned to conning (and who wouldn't be tempted if you could read people?) she seemed a bit naive and silly given the life she's had. She was fairly likable and not completely useless when the situations got hairy. I liked this. It would also have been too easy to make every situation she found herself in easy to get out of, but this was not the case. I liked that too.

My favorite character was actually Robin. I really want to know more. I was more interested in the story around Robin than the one around Clara to be honest, there was more mystery and I felt more depth there. 

I am a bit disappointed with the way some of the 'seemingly' important characters just went by the way-side. I hope they come back... Sorry if that sounds cryptic. I don't want to have spoilers.

The pace was great, always something interesting happening. It reminded me a little of an episode of Alias with the hair-brained schemes they found themselves in. The action was mostly realistic and pretty much clear and easy to follow. 

I plan on reading the other two stories in this series, it was a very enjoyable and quick read.

One thing I noticed:
35% - (m)ight be in for trouble...