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Short creepy story

Polar Crossing - Tony Talbot

Polar crossing, an endless white nothingness, only 4 people share this desolate place...or so they think.

What would you do if you started seeing footprints in the snow that you and your party didn't make?

Creepy much? 

The pacing was not as spot on as some of Tony's other work, but it kept me reading.

Given the length you don't get much in the way of character development, but just enough to start seeing the characters. 

Perhaps because I recently read 'Out if step' I wasn't as surprised by the twist in the end. 

An interesting short story that will send a chill racing up your spine.

A couple of things I noticed:
He mentions 5ppl in total on Antarctica, but then at 21% there's only 4 ppl in the tent.

52% - ...down out (our) fabric walls.