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Quislings was only ok...

Quislings - Poppet

Quislings is rich in religion, lots of types. It's almost to the point that perhaps Poppet couldn't decide which one to follow, so studied and practiced them all.

This doesn't mean you're dragged through scripture after scripture. Instead you're thrust into things along with Usha (the female lead). You, as the reader, find out about the gods and their stories that span across multiple religions at the same time as she does.

The gradual unwrapping of information, through conversation or dreams or experiences in the story allows for the reader to feel as if they are along for the ride with Usha and her band of friends.

There are some dark themes, nothing too explicit, though a couple of scenes might upset some readers. Rape, violence and murder are involved in varying degrees, along with some cute fluffy animal cruelty. 

I picked up this book now because I was after a horror. Alas, this one is not. I was not in the slightest bit scared nor find the content to be horrifying. Except, perhaps the over-the-top poetic and flowery writing. At times it got too much and I wanted the claw my eyes out.

Examples from the prologue:
"He gives me a glistening stare across the table covered with mirror and glass..."

"...my voice scratches the crypt silence of the shrouded kitchen."

"...the abusive loud smash destroys what's left of my calm"

And these examples are in the first few pages, yet this type of language continues the whole way through the story.

I liked the premise, I enjoyed the discovery of the rich prophecy and religion, but it failed to ultimately deliver a holistically satisfying book.

Some things I noticed:

33% - ... Over reach (each) other.

61% - might want to advise what GSR is.

66% - her lags (legs) crossed on the seat.

91% - ...more security (than) she's ever had.