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Book 2 in the Twin-Bred series

Reach: A Twin-Bred Novel - Karen A. Wyle

Reach, book 2 in Karen's Twin-Bred series, left off right where book 1 finished. 

There was probably enough background for this book to be alright on its own, but I would suggest reading book 1 to get a full understanding of the history. 

I liked that things weren't as focused in Mara, there was equal time for other characters. This helped with the story pacing too, allowing for different characters to progress things quickly, but in different ways to Mara.

I really liked the development with the Space travel and the resulting complications (I know that's vague, but I want to avoid spoilers!) I felt that provided real growth for the Tofa, Twin-Bred and the humans associated with them.

The pacing was great, the interwoven stories from different characters allowed for quick progression of multiple plot lines. This gave the story more complexity, but this was just the perfect amount of complexity.

If you like strategy and political themes, this book will draw you. The logic that was applied to the scenarios, was great. Add some of the plotting and duplicitous activity and you have yourself a perfect blend. When you mix in strong emotion (and there was a lot of that too), you'll find you have yourself a jam-packed book of adventure, space travel, politics and human and Tofa growth.

I am pretty confident we'll see at least one more story for the Twin-Bred series. There's plenty left to discover with these characters. 

A few things I noticed:

31% - Hd (Had) it begun, already?

34% - Jakrad (Jak-rad)
35% - grainto (grain to) his ingestors...
47% - once he had had had (delete third had) his...

**Note: I was provided with an electronic copy of this book in return for an honest review**