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The Dumped Club follows a very tried and true recipe for creating a romance/slightly erotic story.

The Dumped Club - Ally Symmons

As the name suggests, there are at least two people in the book who've been dumped. Can you guess who?

That's right! 

Our two main characters.

The cliche doesn't end there my friends, oh no! The plot thickens because Rob (male lead) is Mardi's (female lead) best friend Dianne's brother. He's that guy who used to be a bit of a geek who's suddenly turned hot! And that transformation was in full Hollywood style - thick geeky glasses being replaced for contacts, messy hair and 'ta-da' he's transformed from an ugly duckling into a swan!

The ex partners were a little bit more interesting. Paul was the epitome of jerky cheating partner, but there was an added bonus in there. I liked the twist away from the 'norm' and, despite it's rather 'out there' feel, it added a whole other level to the story.

Pacing was good. The characterization was a little cliche, but otherwise reasonable. Finished product was mostly polished, with only a few things (noted below) that need to be addressed.

Now, onto the most important bit, the sex.

This was so right in some parts and so extremely cliche in others. 

Why must all men in erotic stories be Gods who happen to be masters in the sack? 

Despite this, I really enjoyed some of the scenes, the first time between Rob and Mardi being one if them. But, the thing that took the cake for me was the playful teasing and flirting that occurred. This felt very real and was quite sweet.

All up, a reasonable erotic story if you can look past all the cliche parts. 

A few things I noticed:

4% - Seperate Mardi and Paul's POV change with a new paragraph. This happens a bit and it can be confusing for the reader.

19% - ...traced a lined (line) from...

69% - she started (stared) into...

** Note: I was given an electronic version of this book in exchange for an honest review**