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A jumble of genres...

Money for Blood - Darry Fraser

Money for blood is a jumble of genres. It doesn't quite fit into romance, because the two love interests spend more time fighting themselves and bickering with each other that the romance barely gets much mention at all.

Add to that, the mystery and adventure that crops up with routine regularity, and you would be forgiven for thinking this was anything else but a romance.

Joseph, our male lead (and resident heartthrob with a bit of a past) is all sex-on-a-stick gorgeous. He's young, sexy, confident, and did I mention he happens to be a multi-millionaire? No? Well, he is.

But ladies, don't let that big number cause a big issue, he's down to Earth too! 

Before you begin lining up to get your hands on him, ladies, you need to know that his family aren't as delightful. And, he's set his eyes on Cloudy.

Cloudy (or Clodagh Bannon as she's really named) is anything but your usual romance leading lady.

She's a prickly, emotional mess of a woman, who has a past full of hurt and betrayal. She's hardened her heart and made a successful business of her own. Despite not really having much in common with Cloudy, I liked her. Even if she made stupid decisions sometimes.

Her best friend, Sophie, was brilliant. I have a friend quite like her. It was great to see a strong female supporting character in a romance.

Unlike any romance I've read before, and set in a stunning Australian island, Money for Blood should see most readers coming away with something they enjoyed.

A few things I noticed:

9% - copy and paste of Cloudy/Joseph meeting and description. This should be slightly different as it's from her POV.

15% - Ten minuteslater (insert space)
...growing.Before (insert space)

60% - ...as if a vacuum has (delete has, insert had) sucked...

**Note: I was provided an electronic copy of this book in return for an honest review**