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Calling all editors...

Love, Life and Everything Else - Xunaira J.

Love, life and everything needs an editor. It needs an editor like the flowers need the bees to help pollinate them.

The language used is clunky, words and phrases are reused too close to each other, tenses are changed within the same sentences and paragraphs. 

The poor writing aside, the stories are mere slivers of stories. The ideas are there, but they don't have enough substance to be worth reading.

Take the first story: Abandoned in the Alley, the story was frought with plot holes. When finding an abandoned child in an alley, rather than take it to a hospital and the police, our character takes the child to her orphanage and raises the child as her own - wrong!

This is but one of many plot holes and inaccuracies that plague this collection of short stories.

I'm not sure if the other reviewers got another version of this book, but I can't understand how it has 5 star reviews with so many fundamentals of writing misused or not used at all! 

A few things I noticed: 

4% - alley is used too much in the first paragraph.

6% - a deafening silence ensued after the hooded figure left was broken when a car rushed through the alley - what?

I stopped listing them after this... It was just too much.

**Note: I was provided an electronic copy of this book in return for an honest review**