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A great start to the blood hunter series...

Blood Guilt (Book One of the Blood Hunters Series) - Marie Treanor

Blood guilt is the first book in Marie's Blood Hunters series. It takes place after another of her series (Awakened by Blood).

I hadn't read the first series, and I still enjoyed this book. I'm sure there was some small nuances I didn't pick up because of the lack of known history, but it certainly didn't detract from the story.

Mihaela, our protagonist, is a damaged vampire hunter. The hunters have been her family since she was a small child who survived a vampire attack on her house that left her real family murdered. She's not really a character I could relate to. She is head strong and stubborn, and makes ridiculous decisions based on messed up emotional needs and thoughts too. I liked her, but didn't really 'get' her.

Maximilian, our dreamy yet dark and brooding male love interest, is an interesting character. He's hundreds of years old, has spent years punishing himself for something he did in his past, and probably one of the most broken, yet strangely powerful vampire characters I've read about.

The chemistry between the two worked brilliantly. I loved the tension. I even liked the weirdly perfect sex that would normally irk me to tears.

Marie has created an action packed story, one that is littered with twists and turns, challenges and conflicts for all characters. Add to the mix a little more paranormal than just your average vampires and you end up with this interesting story.

I will be reading book 2 of this series very soon!

One thing I noticed: 67% - Their (They're) all with Robbie...

**Note: I received an electronic copy of this book through Net Galley**